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The ABC's of what a REALTOR® can do for you!



Homeowners attempting to sell their home without the assistance of a real estate professional generally do so for one reason only; to avoid paying a commission fee!! Is it worth it?

I know one of the questions you are asking yourself is: "Why do I need or even want a Realtor to sell my home?"  Great question.  Here are 26 answers to your question ....The answer to the next question: Who should the Realtor be? . . . . .   Why, Christy Grifaldo, of course.

A dvertising The Realtor pays all the advertising costs.

B argain Research shows that 77% of sellers felt their commission' s we re “well spent.”

C ontract Writing The R EALTOR can supply standard forms to speed the transaction.

D etails A R EALTOR frees you from handling the many daily details of selling a home.

E xperience and Expertise In marketing, financing, negotiations , and more.

F inancial Know-How —A R EALTOR is aware of the many options for financing the sale.

G lossary A real estate professional understands and can explain real estate lingo.

H omework A R EALTOR will do homework on how to best market your home.

I nformation If you have a real estate question, a R EALTOR will know (or can get) the answer.

J uggle Showings A R EALTOR will schedule and handle all showings.

K eeps Your Best Interests in Mind It’s a R EALTOR ’s job.

L aws A real estate professional will be up to date on real estate laws that affect you.

M ultiple Listing Service (MLS)— The most effective means of bringing together buyers and sellers.

N egotiations A R EALTOR can handle all price and contract negotiations.

O pen Houses A popular marketing technique.

P rospects The broker has a network of contacts who can produce potential buyers.

Q ualifie d Buyers Avoid opening your home to “curiosity seekers.”

R EALTOR— A member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®  who subscribes to a strict code of ethics.

S uggested Price The R EALTOR will do a market analysis to establish a fair - market price range.

T ime One of the most valuable resources in a R EALTOR .

U nbiased Opinion Most owners are too emotional about their home s to be objective.

V . I . P .— That’s how you’ll be treated by your R EALTOR .

W isdom A knowledgeable R EALTOR can offer the wisdom that comes with experience.

X Marks the Spot A R EALTOR is right there with you through the final signing of papers.

Y ard Signs A R EALTOR provides a professional sign, encouraging serious buyers.

Z ero- H our Support —S elling a home can be an emotional experience. A R EALTOR can help.

 For Sale By Christy Grifaldo - NOT - For Sale By Owner!

Is the right choice!