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My name is Melissa Clement and have been a Licensed REALTOR since March, 2010.  I am an active duty spouse for over 17 years, 4 children and multiple military PCS moves.

Through my highly motivating and ambitious attitude I am able to alleviate the many stresses of buying or selling a home and ensure a smooth transaction. Being a real estate agent who has great communication and negotiating skills is what I provide to each of my past and current clients. Relating well to the public, helping families find their next home, and providing them with the area resources is just a few ways I can help them overcome the stresses they are dealing with when they arrive to the area. I meet many families who arrive to the area with a moving truck and nowhere to live. This is where I thrive in asking the pertinent questions and just listen to what this family is really looking for in their next home. Each of my past clients has written numerous testimonials on my behalf to express how I went above and beyond the call of duty to help their family in their time of need. Many have said, that I have not only found them a house, but a HOME. That I am with them every step of the way, through the lease or sell process, providing information on area resources on and off base and assisting them with getting their utilities, trash, water all turned on. Many of these families assume that when they arrive to the area, that base housing will be available to them & are quite frantic when they find out that they are still on the waiting list. Now they have to spend money on a hotel and find a home for their family. This is where I help alleviate the stress. Being a Realtor is a very humbling experience.

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